Professor Elim Lokapel, initiator of the Champions Walk for Peace, is laid to rest in Kenya at 48

https://youtu.be/PP9dQEk7bL8 Today Professor Elim Lokapel, formerly the Aegis Trust’s Representative in Kenya and the Principal of Mount Kenya University’s Kigali Campus, is being laid to rest in Turkana, Kenya. He died as the result of a progressive illness, aged just 48. A great believer in the importance of peacebuilding, his comments in the video [...]

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Hosted by Aegis, Central African leaders learn from peacebuilding in Rwanda

Initiated by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, a high level delegation from the Central African Republic (CAR) was hosted in Rwanda by the Aegis Trust and the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission from 11-17 January 2016 to learn from peacebuilding and reconstruction efforts after the Genocide against the Tutsi. The 21-person delegation was led by Dr [...]

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Now it’s your turn: record-breaker brings Kenya Peace Torch Relay to UK schools and public for 2016

Launched in July with a ‘Champions walk for peace’ by some of the World’s greatest athletes to help raise funds for the Aegis Trust to establish a school for peace in Kenya’s troubled North Rift Valley, the Kenya peace torch relay has travelled over 3,500 miles across Kenya, the UK and USA in 2015 with [...]

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Genocide Prevention Advisory Network meets in Switzerland

At the invitation of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs the GPANet – Genocide Prevention Advisory Network – held its annual meeting in Geneva from November 30th to December 2nd. The purpose of the GPANet is to provide scientifically based risk assessments, analysis of mass atrocities, and advice to all interested parties, including academic [...]

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Statement on Papal visit to Central African Republic

The Aegis Trust warmly welcomes the Pope to the Central African Republic, where we are working for the cause of peace with civil society organisations, the Government and faith leaders including Imam Omar Kobine Layama, president of the Central African Islamic Community; Nicolas Guérékoyame-Gbangou, president of the Evangelical Alliance, and Dieudonné Nzapalainga, the Archbishop of [...]

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Marathon Man UK is Peace & Sport Champion of the Year

World record-breaking ultra runner Rob Young (‘Marathon Man UK’) last night became Monaco’s prestigious Peace & Sport Champion of the Year following an international online public vote. He was nominated for the award after leading a 25-day, 2,200-mile torch relay around the UK with fellow record-breaker Adam Holland as part of the ‘Champions Walk for [...]

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Kenyan star receives torch from US athletes at UN Embassy

6 Nov 2015 - An international 3,500-mile torch relay for peace in Kenya – launched by some of the World’s top athletes with the Aegis Trust in the country’s troubled North Rift Valley in July – reached its conclusion in New York on Monday, following the NYC Marathon, when US ultra-runners Alex Ramsey and Pat [...]

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CAR crisis eyewitness: “We need to disarm hearts and minds.”

https://youtu.be/DwD31AC5yQA On 26 September 2015, renewed violence erupted in the Central African Republic involving clashes between Anti-Balaka and Seleka, and rival militia attacks on both Muslim and Christian civilians. Evacuated to Rwanda a week later, the Aegis Trust’s representative in CAR, Alain Lazaret, is an eyewitness. He was living near PK5 in Bangui, in [...]

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Kenya High Commission in London receives Torch for Peace

https://youtu.be/CrzIHSb9KAA 9 Oct 2015 - World record-breaking ultra runners Rob Young (Marathon Man UK) and Adam ‘Tango’ Holland yesterday completed their 25-day, 2200-mile torch relay across the UK for the Aegis Trust’s Champions Walk for Peace by presenting the torch to Ambassador Jackline Yonga, Deputy Head of Mission at Kenya’s High Commission in London. [...]

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Join British record-breakers on UK ‘Walk for Peace’ torch relay

Starting at the Great North Run on 13 September, record-breaking ultra runners Rob Young and Adam ‘Tango’ Holland are going to relay a ‘torch for humanity’ as part of the international Champions Walk for Peace through over 400 cities, towns and villages around the UK, covering 1900 miles and climbing 75,000 feet in just 25 days. [...]

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