99% of the people who committed murders in the Holocaust were never prosecuted or even questioned. Why?

David Wilkinson’s critically acclaimed feature documentary ’Getting Away with Murder(s)’, a co-production with the Aegis Trust, digs deep to find the answers.

Recently featured in The Times of Israel and the Jewish Chronicle, it will be broadcast on Holocaust Memorial Day by More 4 in the UK – where it received five stars in the Guardian and has been highlighted as critic’s choice for broadcast viewing in The Times, Daily Telegraph, iNews, the Sunday Times and the Radio Times.

The documentary will also debut on Holocaust Memorial Day on the small screen in Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

Depending on the territory, it will be available on one or more of the following platforms: Amazon, Tubi, Roku, Xumo, Peacock, Plex, 7Plus, or Viaplay. In New Zealand, it will be available on TVNZ from July.

“Impunity for past crimes gives courage to would-be perpetrators,” says the Aegis Trust’s founder and Chief Executive Dr James Smith. “If we don’t challenge the reasons why over 99% of Nazi perpetrators evaded justice for crimes of such gravity, we lay ourselves open to the repetition of mass atrocities in the future. For anyone who believes there should be accountability for the most egregious crimes that humans can commit, ‘Getting Away with Murder(s)’ is essential viewing.”