Limited resources, high insecurity and a legacy of mistrust from past violence make it easier for divisions to be deepened on religious or ethnic lines… How genocide happens
Without protection and assistance, people fleeing conflict or mass atrocities are left with little to lose. Some may take up arms and repeat the cycle. The Aegis Challenge
and hope
People at risk need us to know and care. Aid is important. So is prevention. That’s where Aegis comes in. People don’t need to die before we act. Help Aegis save lives

The Aegis Trust has a global vision and mission to prevent genocide and mass atrocities by breaking the cycles of hatred and violence which make them possible. Road-tested in Rwanda, its model for peace-building is ready for application in Kenya, South Sudan and the Central African Republic where faith, government and civic leaders are calling for it. It’s also needed in many more – including Sudan, where mass atrocities have been under a spotlight from Aegis for years.

Leaving 5,000 people dead and over a million displaced, war and atrocities in CAR have deeply divided the country’s religious communities.


Since the start of 2014 over 600 people have been killed and 435,000 driven from their homes in Kenya’s North Rift Valley, says the UN.


In August 2015, a peace deal was signed to end South Sudan’s 18-month civil war which claimed up to 50,000 lives and displaced 1.8m.

South Sudan

Attacks on civilians continue to be carried out by the Sudanese Government in Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State.


“Aegis can play a unique role in understanding the tendency for violence before it happens, to prevent that from maturing into what we might call genocide.”

Help Aegis prevent genocide

Deciding where Aegis works

For Aegis to operate where atrocities are a threat, there has to be a reasonable chance – inside or outside the country – of securing improvements to the protection of people at risk.


Get involved

Whoever you are, you can make a difference to people’s lives by getting involved in the work of the Aegis Trust. Here are just a few of the ways that you can take part in building peace.



Peacebuilding works, but must be nationwide in a country at risk to be effective. Support Aegis with a monthly donation and Pears Foundation will double your gift for the first year.