Marina Helen Smith – A Life of Service to Humanity

Marina Smith MBE, co-founder of the UK National Holocaust Centre and Museum – the birthplace of the Aegis Trust for genocide prevention – has passed away on June 26th 2022 at the age of 87 following a short illness and an extraordinary life of service to humanity. Born in Kolkata, India, on November 16th 1934, Marina moved [...]

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Kigali Genocide Memorial receives Royal Visit

Today Their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial to honour the memory of the victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi, meeting survivors and learning about their experiences. The final resting-place for 250,000 victims of the genocide, in which a million people were killed in [...]

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Kwibuka28 commemoration starts at the Kigali Genocide Memorial

As the Kigali Genocide Memorial hosts the launch of Kwibuka 28 – the 28th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi – the Aegis Trust urges people worldwide to remember with Rwanda. In a ceremony commemorating the start of the genocide, the President and First Lady of Rwanda lit the flame of remembrance at [...]

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Swedish exhibition fighting antisemitism unveiled at Kigali Genocide Memorial

On Monday 11th October, the Embassy of Sweden in Rwanda and the Aegis Trust will unveil a new temporary exhibition at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Open to the public for one week only, ‘Remember ReAct’ presents both Swedish and international efforts for Holocaust remembrance and the fight against antisemitism, antigypsyism and racism since the first [...]

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Remembering Srebrenica at the Kigali Genocide Memorial and beyond

July 11th is the 26th anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica to Bosnian Serb forces commanded by Ratko Mladic, now finally convicted for genocide. Ceremonies to remember the Bosnian Genocide will be held in Srebrenica and around the World. “As the people of Bosnia & Hercegovina commemorate the genocide perpetrated in Srebrenica 26 years ago, we remember with [...]

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French President pays respects at the Kigali Genocide Memorial

In a historic visit today, French President Emmanuel Macron visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial, touring its permanent exhibitions and laying a wreath at mass graves where 250,000 victims of the Genocide against the Tutsi lie buried. In a speech delivered at the Memorial, Macron noted the criminal intent of the killers to eradicate all Tutsi, [...]

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Swedish pride in peacebuilding success

Ambassador Helena Rietz, now Head of the Africa Department at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign affairs, today expressed Stockholm’s pride in the Aegis Trust’s peacebuilding education work in Rwanda - for which the Swedish Government has provided significant support.  Ambassador Rietz was visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda for the second time. Having previously [...]

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A Tribute to Jacqueline Uwantege

The Aegis Trust is deeply saddened that Jacqueline Uwantege, our Psychological Support Officer in Rwanda, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Jacqueline provided immense support to the Kigali Genocide Memorial when it first opened in 2004 and officially began working at the memorial in 2008. Affectionately known as Mama Jacky, she provided [...]

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Kigali Genocide Memorial hosts 23rd Genocide Commemoration

The Kigali Genocide Memorial will today host the 23rd Commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. More than 400 guests including international leaders, dignitaries, survivors and their families and representatives of survivor organisations will attend today’s ceremony. As part of the commemoration, the Guests of Honour will lay wreaths on the burial place [...]

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