Genocide denial: discover how to recognise and respond to this rising threat

On Wednesday June 30th, join Dr Catherine Gilbert (Newcastle University) and Dr Caroline Williamson Sinalo (University College, Cork) as they moderate a panel discussion bringing together experts who can help us learn how to recognise and respond to this rising threat: The panel will include Rwandan and international experts from academia and civil society [...]

Event exploring physical and mental health a generation after genocide

How does the experience of genocide during a pregnancy - especially one resulting from genocidal rape - affect the future physical and mental health of the child? Join Dr Glorieuse Uwizeye (Dartmouth College) on Tuesday June 8th to find out: In a talk co-hosted by the Centre on Conflict, Rights and Justice (CCRJ) and [...]

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A call for proposals by Rwandan researchers

The Aegis Trust is pleased to announce a call for proposals by Rwandan researchers, as part of its programme on Research, Higher Education and Policy, funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). The commissioned policy briefs are intended to contribute to knowledge-sharing through dissemination of high quality research; produced by Rwandan researchers to a [...]

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Aegis announces 4th call for proposals by Rwandan researchers

The Aegis Trust is pleased to launch a fourth call for proposals by Rwandan researchers, as part of its Research, Policy and Higher Education (RPHE) programme funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The programme supports Rwandan researchers to develop policy-relevant academic papers and associated policy briefs on a range of topics related to [...]

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Can peace-building education build resilience against identity based violence and mass atrocities?

Can large-scale violence be prevented in communities at risk through education involving direct engagement of survivors of past atrocities? UK-based Aegis Trust shares lessons learned and progress in seeking to measure impact of peace education work. At the UCL Institute of Education on Thursday night, Mariana Goetz – Head of Programmes & Learning at the [...]

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CNLG and the Aegis Trust strengthen Rwandan partnerships with UK National Holocaust Centre

Dr Jean Damascène Bizimana, Executive Secretary of Rwanda’s National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) last week visited the UK National Holocaust Centre with Aegis colleagues Yves Kamuronsi (Country Director) and Felix Ndahinda (Director of Aegis’ Research, Policy & Higher Education Programme). The visit was part of a three-day symposium in London on Digital [...]

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Aegis launches Genocide Research Hub in Rwanda

A community of researchers, educators, policy makers and practitioners from different corners of Rwanda gathered at Kigali Genocide Memorial for the official launch of the Genocide Research Hub today, an online platform that aims to contribute to building a knowledge society around genocide prevention and peacebuilding policy and practice in Rwanda. Gisele Iradukunda, Knowledge Exchange [...]

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Peace Education Colloquium Report

A three-day Colloquium in Kigali in February brought together academics and practitioners in and around the field of peace education to share concepts, methods and means of measuring impact, contributing to a stronger evidence base for the effectiveness of peace education. The Colloquium report has now been published. You can download it here:  Building Resilience to Genocide [...]

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Rwandan researchers commit to take findings to policy makers and the public

The Aegis Trust capacity-building workshop for Rwandan researchers has come to a close with participants committing to engage more critically with one another’s work. The workshop, which is part of Aegis’ Research, Policy and Higher Education programme, discussed the best approaches for conducting quality research as well as how to make their findings accessible to [...]

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Aegis empowers Rwandan researchers to take lessons to the World

The Aegis Trust is holding a two-day capacity-building workshop to support Rwandan researchers to share their knowledge and experience with the World. Themed ‘Research Methodologies, Publication, Dissemination and Uptake’, the workshop is being attended by researchers, academics, policy-makers and practitioners and is taking place at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Peace School 28-29 March 2017. During [...]

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