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Aegis partners with Million Peacemakers for Peace and Humanity   In response to the explosion of hate and identity-based violence around the World, the Aegis Trust and Million Peacemakers have come together to launch the Global Partnership for Peace and Humanity. Leveraging the expertise and networks of both organisations, the partnership will establish peace institutes, train a million peace-builders and provide immediate [...]

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Teachers take part in Peace Ambassadors workshop at Kigali Genocide Memorial

Over 30 teachers from schools around Kigali gathered on 18-19 October at the Kigali Genocide Memorial’s Community Peace Centre in a Peace Ambassadors follow-up workshop evaluating their progress following training designed to help them integrate Peace and Values Education across the curriculum. “Using the lessons we were given in the Peace and Values Education training, [...]

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What is it like to be a peace educator? Appolon Gahongayire reflects for World Teachers Day 2023 

What is it like to be a peace educator? For World Teachers Day 2023, we sat down with Appolon Gahongayire, Education Manager at the Aegis Trust in Kigali, to find out.  What is Peace Education to you? Peace education, to me, is the process of imparting knowledge and skills to foster understanding, empathy, conflict resolution, and a commitment [...]

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Empowering Educators: Promoting Peace and Values Education for In-Service Teachers

In an inspiring Aegis Trust training workshop 11-13 September, 32 dedicated in-service teachers hailing from different schools in Kigali and its vicinity gathered in the Kigali Community Peace Centre at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Their purpose: to embark on a transformative journey of Peace and Values Education. The three-day workshop was designed to equip teachers [...]

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Rwanda Youth Talks focus on green skills for sustainable development and peace

On 11th August, the Rwanda Peace Partnership – Aegis Trust, Interpeace and Never Again Rwanda –staged Rwanda Youth Talks at the Kigali Genocide Memorial’s Amphitheatre, addressing this year’s International Youth Day theme ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.’ The 21st edition of Youth Talks for Peace, and the 1st edition of Rwanda Youth [...]

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Aegis partners international conference on peace education in an era of crisis

A conference organized by Kent University and the University of Rwanda in partnership with the Aegis Trust, Peace Education in an Era of Crisis: State of the Art, Issues, Strategies, and Perspectives was held in Kigali from 11th to 13th July. The conference brought researchers and practitioners together to engage in mutual discussion, learning and reflection [...]

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Promoting Positive Masculinities – a contribution to peace in Rwanda

This week representatives of Civil Society Organizations in Rwanda are being trained by the Aegis Trust on how to influence their core mission, vision and activities to positively encourage men and boys to enhance gender equality. Promoting positive forms of masculinity is an important contribution to a stable and peaceful future for Rwanda, helping to [...]

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Addressing mental health challenges in a post-genocide society

In Rwanda, high rates of psychiatric illness are one of the continuing legacies of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Trauma not only remains in the generation which lived through it, but is transferred to following generations too. Aegis addresses this by conducting  workshops to improve literacy in mental health; providing psychotherapy support; encouraging people [...]

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Wharton students learn from Rwanda’s journey

On 22nd May 2023, a group of students from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in the US visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial. The students were taking part in Wharton School’s intensive short course, ‘Conflict, Leadership and Change, Lessons from Rwanda’, which runs a visit to Rwanda annually. Their visit started with [...]

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Rwandan parents learn how to build peace in the home

Since launching at the end of 2021, the Aegis Trust’s ASPIRE programme (‘Action for Sustainable Peace, Inclusion, Rights and Equality’) has run a small number of workshops each year designed specifically to help parents take the principles of Peace and Values Education out of the classroom and into the home. For decision-makers and community influencers [...]

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