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Wharton students learn from Rwanda’s journey

On 22nd May 2023, a group of students from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania in the US visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial. The students were taking part in Wharton School’s intensive short course, ‘Conflict, Leadership and Change, Lessons from Rwanda’, which runs a visit to Rwanda annually. Their visit started with [...]

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Rwandan parents learn how to build peace in the home

Since launching at the end of 2021, the Aegis Trust’s ASPIRE programme (‘Action for Sustainable Peace, Inclusion, Rights and Equality’) has run a small number of workshops each year designed specifically to help parents take the principles of Peace and Values Education out of the classroom and into the home. For decision-makers and community influencers [...]

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Central African Republic: building peace amid conflict

“Peace is really important, isn’t it? If there’s no peace, we can’t come to school. That’s why the team from Aegis came to educate us.” It’s a hot day in late January as the Principal of Lycée Barthélémy Boganda, a school in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic, addresses 2,000 students about to take [...]

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Rwanda: national dialogue on post-genocide identity

On 17 January, Aegis hosted Rwanda’s first national research-based dialogue at the Kigali Genocide Memorial on the theme ‘Post-genocide identity perspectives in Rwanda’. Staged as part of the Action for Sustainable Peace, Inclusion, Rights & Equality (ASPIRE) programme, the dialogue enabled researchers who are studying peacebuilding and genocide prevention to share their evidence-based findings and [...]

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Peacebuilding: a gift for the Central African Republic   In the video above, Aegis CEO Dr James Smith introduces ‘Reverse the Ramraid’ - a campaign you can support to save lives through peace education with the Aegis Trust in the Central African Republic. Aegis CEO Dr James Smith will run in the Newark Showground Christmas Challenge 2022 to raise funds [...]

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Rwanda Peace Partnership launched at the Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Aegis Trust, Interpeace and Never Again Rwanda today came together at the Kigali Genocide Memorial to launch the Rwanda Peace Partnership. Supported by Sida, Sweden’s Government Agency for Development Cooperation, this collaborative framework will help deliver complementary programmes for a peaceful, cohesive and inclusive Rwandan society. The launch of this unique partnership was themed under [...]

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Genocide denial: discover how to recognise and respond to this rising threat

On Wednesday June 30th, join Dr Catherine Gilbert (Newcastle University) and Dr Caroline Williamson Sinalo (University College, Cork) as they moderate a panel discussion bringing together experts who can help us learn how to recognise and respond to this rising threat: The panel will include Rwandan and international experts from academia and civil society [...]

Watch this powerful message from Jeff Koinange – and join the KGM team LIVE this Sunday Watch this powerful message from Jeff Koinange - and join the KGM team LIVE this Sunday Get tickets NOW for Sunday’s webcast - you'll experience an Aegis workshop on forgiveness which has seen participants in conflict zones lay down weapons and give up plans for revenge: CLICK HERE to register now for Sunday [...]

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From Hate to Humanity: September webcast series

If people can reconcile after genocide, they can reconcile after anything. That's the hope born from Rwanda. In 'From Hate to Humanity', a live three-part webcast series this September, the Aegis Trust and Kigali Genocide Memorial will unpack how that hope is becoming a reality, not only in Rwanda, but way beyond its borders. BOOK TICKETS [...]

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Online peace education platform launched in Rwanda

An innovative new online peace education platform is set to be launched in Rwanda today. The Aegis Trust and the Rwanda Education Board will officially launch the Ubumuntu Digital Platform - - at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Peace School, 3:00pm local time this afternoon. Developed by Aegis to support delivery and expansion of its [...]

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