Join us, Thursday 30 April, as #TogetherWeRemember.

At 1.00pm in Rwanda (midday London, 7.00am New York) The Kigali Genocide Memorial, the UK’s National Holocaust Centre and the Aegis Trust will take part with 50 other organisations and thousands of people from 20 countries around the World in a unique 24-hour global vigil marking the end of Genocide Awareness Month – and we would love for you to join us.

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Titled ‘Sing Me Awake: Musical Activists‘, the one-hour program will explore the power of music to inform, inspire and awaken people to action. Anchored by Dr James Smith CBE, founder of the UK National Holocaust Centre and Aegis Trust, it will feature two survivors who have both turned to music to convey their very different stories: Holocaust survivor Janine Webber, and Claver Irakoze, a survivor of the Genocide against the Tutsi.


Join the event live to find out more about their remarkable journeys, to listen to the powerful music which represents their experience, and to have the chance to put questions to them. The hour will conclude with music from the Holocaust, performed live by Roma artist Marian Bango, and a mass candle-lighting in remembrance of all victims of genocide.

Join us as we remember humanity at its worst – and show what humanity can be at its best.

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