The Aegis Challenge Taking lessons from Rwanda to countries in crisis. Building Peace Using education to break cycles of hatred. Documentation Recording memories and experiences of atrocities.

What’s happening?

A growing wave of ethnic violence in Kenya’s North Rift Valley, often centred around cattle-rustling, has left over 600 people dead and driven more than 435,000 from their homes since the start of 2014, according to UN figures.

Without urgent steps to bring divided communities together and build peace, the violence could be expected to worsen – driving more people to flee their land.
The good news; there’s a real appetite for an end to the killing. That has been demonstrated by the Champions Walk for Peace (, initiated by some of the World’s finest athletes in association with the Aegis Trust. People from all sides joined in dialogue and in the walk as it wound its way through the Rift Valley in July and August 2015.
For the sake of the next generation, this hope needs to be built upon fast. Their future hangs in the balance. Together, we could make all the difference.
What’s Aegis doing?

The following video introduces the Champions Walk for Peace. To find out more about the Walk, and how Aegis is working to build peace in northern Kenya, visit

What’s Aegis doing?

“The experience of Aegis Trust in Rwanda, if well utilised, it will bring peace to the entire continent.”

Professor Lokapel Elim, Principal, Mt Kenya University, Kigali Campus


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Discover how Aegis wants to take its successful model for peace-building from Rwanda to other countries where it is needed: to Kenya, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.


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You can help us to save lives and build peace in northern Kenya by joining the Champions Walk for Peace right now. Sign up via the link below, then head out and walk or run with us!



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