The Aegis Trust is pleased to announce a global partnership with Civility Experts Worldwide. This partnership will draw upon the peace and values curricula and educational expertise that Aegis has developed and will be used in a new program called Leading with Humanity, developed by Civility Experts Inc.

Civility Experts Worldwide is led by CEO Lew Bayer. For over 20 years Dr. Lew Bayer (hon.) has been internationally recognized as a leading civility expert. The team at Civility Experts, based in Manitoba, Canada, includes 376 affiliates in 46 countries.

Aegis Trust has developed an educational approach in Rwanda, known as peace & values education, which aligns strongly with principles of civility – focusing on the development of empathy, critical thinking and individual responsibility. Aegis’, whose mission is the prevention of genocide and crimes against humanity, uses this methodology to disarm hearts and minds, and build resilience against pathways of violence, to save lives and create foundations for peace and prosperity.

Whilst the world of work may not be associated with issues of genocide, the linkages are not as far removed as one might think.

An article in the Harvard Business Review in 2013, by Christine Porath and Christine Pearson, stated that, “Rudeness at work is rampant, and it’s on the rise. Over the past 14 years we’ve polled thousands of workers about how they’re treated on the job, and 98% have reported experiencing uncivil behavior.”

Moreover, Dr James M. Smith CBE, Founder and CEO of the Aegis Trust has noted that, “Genocide is only possible when we lose our empathy and certain people are devalued in our society.”

Lew Bayer, best-selling author, says in her 2016 book, The 30% Solution – How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability, that “Civility is its own reward, that in choosing civility, people find their best self, and in doing so they experience the grace, courage and generosity, humanity and the humility that civility engenders”.

Lew Bayer and members of her team visited Rwanda with Aegis’ senior leadership in August 2018, Lew commented afterwards, “I have such respect and admiration for James and the work Aegis is doing, this gift they have given the world. I wholly believe that this partnership can make a meaningful contribution.”

On announcing the strategic partnership, Dr James Smith said, “I am so delighted to have met Lew, she has demonstrated such commitment to the mission of Aegis and to the principles of civility. She has created this opportunity, which has the potential to reach global audiences in a way that creates synergy between the Aegis Trust and Civility Experts. Leading with humanity is what the world needs right now. This will also generate important financial contributions to support the work of Aegis working with at-risk communities and countries. We are genuinely excited about the potential from this new partnership.”