Over 30 teachers from schools around Kigali gathered on 18-19 October at the Kigali Genocide Memorial’s Community Peace Centre in a Peace Ambassadors follow-up workshop evaluating their progress following training designed to help them integrate Peace and Values Education across the curriculum.

“Using the lessons we were given in the Peace and Values Education training, at our school, we created a club for sixty students who showed signs of depression, anxiety or other mental health issues,” says Gisele Hirwa, a teacher at Groupe Scolaire Nduba, in Gasabo district. “We invited a specialist to follow up with them, and they’ve made a lot of progress this past year. These students used to drop out of school and some were often sick, but now they are performing well and they help other students who are in similar circumstances.”

For Habimana Balthazar who teaches at Groupe Scolaire Gatenga, the Aegis Trust training has made him realize how he can help his students who are struggling with drug abuse. “In my school, we have tried to help students who had a drug abuse problem, but I think that we did not follow them up as well as we should,” he says. “After attending this training, I’m sure now that I can help my students, and I am committed to accompany them on their journey of healing and quitting drug abuse. The training you provide here at Aegis Trust will be instrumental in changing our society, and I believe that I speak for all here when I say that we will create a positive change.”

Change is possible when individuals and communities are willing to embrace it, actively participate in the process and work collectively towards creating sustainable peace. This workshop reinforced the importance of peace education as a tool in building sustainable peace. By nurturing a generation of peace minded individuals, these peace ambassadors are investing in a future where compassion, understanding and empathy prevail over hostility, conflict and discrimination.