Through peace education developed at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, Aegis changes communities and saves lives. In countries like the Central African Republic and South Sudan, it enables people to give up revenge, lay down weapons and champion humanity. 

Today, like many parts of the world, Rwanda is in lockdown. So too are social enterprises in the UK which normally generate vital funds for peace education in Rwanda and beyond.

Our life-saving work needs your support now more than ever. Would you be prepared to take swift action by making a monthly donation today? 


In the video above, members of the Aegis Trust’s team around the world come together to share a brief message about two young people whose kindness and timely action has really encouraged us.

If you too feel inspired to act, now would be a brilliant time to start a monthly donation. 

The Pears Foundation has generously agreed to match the next $100,000 in donations – so whatever you give today will be doubled.

Your support will help ensure that the Aegis Trust continues to provide learning and hope for change-makers everywhere.  


“Staying at home will save lives today,” Aegis Chief Executive Dr James Smith comments in the video. “Supporting Aegis with a monthly donation will ensure that our brilliant teams can continue to save lives tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much,” says Aegis Trustee Ruth Messinger. “Please keep safe and keep well in these very troubled times.”