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Genocide charities condemn ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

Leading UK genocide charities the Aegis Trust, Remembering Srebrenica, the National Holocaust Centre and the Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association have come together to collectively condemn the violence being carried out against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
The tragic and shameful treatment of Rohingya Muslims, often described as the most persecuted minority in the world, has escalated into […]

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Day Two Recap: Aegis Peace Education Colloquium, Kigali Genocide Memorial

The second day of the Aegis Trust’s three-day Peace Education colloquium began with a panel on different tools to deliver peace education content in Rwanda. The key question for discussion was how to identify the right teaching and learning tools for the right context.

Panellist Dr Joyce Musabe, Deputy Director-General in charge of curriculum and pedagogical […]

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Aegis and UK Aid assemble global experts for peace education conference in Rwanda

Over the next three days, the Aegis Trust is bringing together 100 local and international experts in Kigali, Rwanda, to discuss the role of peace education in preventing conflict and mass atrocity. The conference is funded by the UK Government (through the Department for International Development) and is part of the Aegis Trust’s decade-long work […]

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Aegis regional director receives peace award in the Hague

The Aegis Trust’s Regional Director in East Africa, Freddy Mutanguha, was honoured in the Hague on Monday at the inauguration of the Peace, Justice and Security Foundation, which aims to stimulate and support more inclusive public and institutional dialogue on these issues.
At the gala, Mr Mutanguha was presented with the inaugural Peace, Justice and Security […]

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Breaking Point: fostering conditions for violence

Aegis Chief Executive Dr James Smith reflects on the murder of Jo Cox MP and EU referendum campaign through the lens of the recent acts of massive violence.

Yesterday would have been Jo Cox’s 42nd birthday.  What should have been a family celebration was instead an occasion of national grief: a moment in which many again […]

Former UN Sudan chief urges arrest of Bashir if he visits Uganda

According to reporting in Sudan’s media, the country’s president – Omar Bashir – is to pay an official two-day visit to Uganda this week for talks with Yoweri Museveni on relations between the two countries, set to follow Museveni’s inauguration on Thursday for his fifth term of office.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued two […]

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How lessons from Rwanda are saving lives in South Sudan

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Karadžić verdict a victory for survivors of genocide at Srebrenica

The lengthy trial of Radovan Karadžić came to end yesterday, the verdict confirming that he is guilty on 10 of the 11 charges levelled against him.

Karadžić has been on trial at the ICTY for participating, between the years 1992 and 1995, in a “joint criminal enterprise” wherein Serb nationalists, with backing from Slobodan Milošević in […]

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Professor Elim Lokapel, initiator of the Champions Walk for Peace, is laid to rest in Kenya at 48

Today Professor Elim Lokapel, formerly the Aegis Trust’s Representative in Kenya and the Principal of Mount Kenya University’s Kigali Campus, is being laid to rest in Turkana, Kenya. He died as the result of a progressive illness, aged just 48. A great believer in the importance of peacebuilding, his comments in the video above were […]

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Yazidi survivor praised by David Cameron for her bravery issues call for international protection

At Prime Minister’s Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday 10 February, two days after Yazidi survivor Nadia Murad shared with British parliamentarians her experience of mass atrocities, torture, rape and sex slavery at the hands of Daesh / ISIS, David Cameron publicly acknowledged her bravery.

Responding to a question from Robert Jenrick MP – […]