Join the Aegis Trust live this Thursday as part of a 24-hour global vigil marking Genocide Awareness Month:

If peace is possible after genocide … is it achievable anywhere? As part of the global coalition ‘Together We Remember’, this Thursday the Aegis Trust and Kigali Genocide Memorial will host one of 24 live one-hour sessions marking the end of Genocide Awareness Month.

Our hour will start at midday in Rwanda (6.00am EDT).

Join us to remember the Genocide against the Tutsi – and to discover how lessons from Rwanda are being applied amid conflict today in the Central African Republic.

Moderated by Dr James Smith, CEO and founder of the Aegis Trust, the session will feature discussion with the team at the heart of peace education in Rwanda – from which lessons are now being applied in the Central African Republic, despite renewed conflict and the siege of its capital city, Bangui. You can build peace and save lives by helping us send food to Bangui today. Thank you for your support.