“I went to see Anne Marie’s house while we were in in February, and I promised her that we would find a way of building her and Patrick a decent place to live. She’s just one woman, with a son, and of course there are thousands like her in , but we can help this woman and her child, and then go on to help others. Her need is urgent; without a decent home her health will deteriorate rapidly, and she is desperate to give Patrick the chance of a proper life, so that’s why I’m talking to everyone I meet about her.”
Ailish D’Arcy, participating teacher in Aegis field Seminar, March 2006.

There are a number of schools involved in the campaign:

The Sixth Form at West Bridgford School, Nottingham, kicked off the campaign with a fancy dress day. Ailish D’Arcy who teaches at the school was sponsored to wear the Rwandan clothes she received in . More events are planned at the school. Manning School, Nottinghamshire, have raised £450, with more pledged by the end of the summer. Harry Carlton School, Nottingham , will have Anne Marie’s house as their international project for their Rag Week. They expect to raise around £1,000. Other schools taking part include Erith School, London and Chase Terrace High School in Staffordshire. One of the teachers involved their line-dancing friends in their fundraising activities and a line-dancing marathon is being organised in October, led by former line dancing world champion, Jules Langstaff. The theme will be ‘Be a Brick and Buy a Brick’.

“Things are gathering pace well, but we need all the help we can get, because we need to get Anne Marie and Patrick into a good house by the end of this year.” Ailish D’Arcy.