Show LOVE this Valentine’s Day

900,000 people are under siege. Will you show love this Valentine’s by helping the Aegis Trust and Kigali Genocide Memorial airlift food to Bangui today?

We need your help to get wheels off the ground on the first plane … TODAY.

What’s happening in Bangui?

Bangui is Capital of the Central African Republic, one of the poorest countries in the World. It is surrounded by rebels who want to overthrow the government. The rebels have blocked all roads into the city, cutting off food supplies for the population.

Alain Lazaret works with the Aegis Trust to build peace in the Central African Republic, applying lessons Aegis first developed at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. In Bangui with his family since the start of the siege, this is what he has to say:

“They blocked the road, no food is coming in. There is hunger now. And this hunger is undermining the peace education work we are doing because young people, pushed by hunger, are joining the militias.

I am appealing to all those friends out there, of good conscience, who are watching this video, to step in and do something.”

You can donate NOW to help fund the first airlift TODAY:

Our emergency response

20,000 dollars will subsidize the cost of air freight for a cargo plane to fly 20 tons of food from the international African market into Bangui.

Airlifting food over the road blockade will support the communities the Aegis Trust works in to build peace. Preventing hunger will deter some from resorting to violence in desperation during this crisis.

By paying for the cargo flight we will provide traders with affordable food, keeping markets supplied. This reduces dependency on foreign aid.

At least one tonne on each flight will be given to our partners, the faith leaders, to distribute to the most vulnerable in their communities.

This smart African solution to an African problem can help stabilize food prices, support local businesses and prevent aid dependency, while at the same time preventing starvation, building peace, and saving lives.

Help us get the first plane airborne today.

THANK YOU for showing love this Valentine’s!