Holocaust Memorial Day – 27 January, the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp – is observed in the UK each year as a day of remembrance for victims of the Holocaust and other instances of genocide.

This year, Dr Mukesh Kapila – the Aegis Trust’s Special Representative on Crimes Against Humanity and author of ‘Against a Tide of Evil’ – is taking a cue from the 2016 theme, “Don’t Stand By”, to put sharp focus back on the worsening violence in Darfur with a series of speaking engagements in Scotland.

As head of the UN in Sudan, in 2004 Kapila blew the whistle on the Darfur crisis, helping to make the Sudanese Government’s mass atrocities front-page news. As global attention has waned in recent times, so the violence has accelerated. Over half a million more Darfuris have been displaced in the past two years, fleeing killings and mass rape by Government militias.

For the latest news from the ground, visit Radio Dabanga and check out the regular updates provided by Eric Reeves.

For more information about about Dr Kapila’s speaking tour – which includes venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Falkirk up to 29 January – visit Mukeshkapila.org.