10 December 2009 – We’re very flattered to have been jointly nominated, with Redress, for the Liberty-JUSTICE Human Rights Awards.  Both organisations have been put forward for:

“For their pivotal role, through concerted lobbying, in obtaining key changes to British law relating to crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide, and in obtaining justice for victims of such crimes.”

Other nominees include the formidable Gurkha Justice Campaign who recently won their campaign on behalf of Gurkhas who had served in the British Army.  We’re honoured to have been nominated alongside such great campaigns.

Update 11 December 2009

We’re very pleased that the Gurkhas won. Two Victoria Cross holders, many other distinguished former members of the Army, the campaigners, and their lawyers all attended to pick up the award.  They were a lot of fun – a Gurkha tie now hangs proudly in the Aegis office.   They ran a great campaign to win UK settlement rights for elderly Gurkhas; for us to come runners-up to their campaign is like losing to Brazil in the World Cup.