The Aegis Youth Department in Rwanda is committed to equipping young people with the knowledge and skills necessary to build reconciliation and lasting peace, helping their communities overcome the legacy of mistrust left by the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Our Youth Champions and Youth Ambassadors programmes support these objectives. Hundreds of students have so far taken part from across Rwanda before returning to their localities and starting a wide range of valuable local initiatives with their peers. You can find out more about our Youth Champions and Ambassadors programmes below.

Rwanda’s young people are determined to lead their country to a prosperous future, never to repeat the mistakes of the past. Aegis’ Youth Champions programme is designed to ensure they have the skills, tools, confidence and follow-up support to set up their own peace-building projects in pursuit of that goal.
The programme starts with a two-day workshop where participatory approaches to teaching are used to help improve participant skills in public speaking, leadership, group facilitation advocacy and project planning. After the workshops, the youth champions return to their communities to design and initiate a peace-building project, supported by experts and sometimes funds.
Led by the Aegis Trust’s Youth Department, this work is being delivered as part of the Rwanda Peace Education Programme (RPEP).
Aegis’ new Youth Ambassadors project in Rwanda stems from our desire to guide potential youth leaders from their first interest in peace-building through to being experienced professionals leading peace-building and mass atrocity prevention projects not just in Rwanda but around the World.
Selected from the Youth Champions, each potential Youth Ambassador is given the opportunity to spend a year being trained by national and international experts on peace-building, mass atrocity prevention and social enterprise. Ambassadors are encouraged to think big and supported in developing their own ideas on how to inspire their peers around the globe to join them in building a more peaceful world.
Led by the Aegis Trust’s Youth Department, this work is being delivered as part of the Rwanda Peace Education Programme (RPEP).

Apply to be a Youth Champion

Do you want to help your community overcome the painful legacy of genocide? Let Aegis give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to lead a local peace-building initiative.


Join our campaigner programme

Have you already led a peace-building project in your area? Then contact us to find out about opportunities to take it to the next level with Youth Ambassador training.


Other ways to get involved

If you’re a student in Rwanda, there’s loads of ways you can support the work of Aegis or get involved in unity and reconciliation projects. Why not get in touch to find out more?