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Maxine Marcus

Legal Advisor


Maxine Marcus is an international criminal prosecutor and investigator who has worked for more than sixteen years in the International criminal law field, in Chad (for Darfur), Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary, Kosovo, Ingushetia/Chechnya, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia (Gambella), and Guinea. She has served as a prosecuting attorney at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.  From 2003 to 2005 Max served as lead investigating attorney for the Civil Defence Forces prosecution team in the Special Court for Sierra Leone.  Max regularly serves as legal counsel and trainer for judges, prosecutors, police, military, international and local IGOs and NGOs, and community-based organisations in international criminal law, international criminal investigations and prosecutions, evidence in war crimes trials, international human rights law, and international and hybrid tribunals, and she has particular expertise in the investigation and prosecution of crimes of sexual violence under international criminal law.  In November and December 2009 Max was seconded by ICTY through UNIFEM (now UN Women) to the UN Commission of Inquiry for Guinea as the gender and international criminal law advisor.