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Honore Gatera

Director, Kigali Genocide Memorial


A Graduate of Kigali independent University with bachelors in social sciences started working at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre since 2004 as a guide officer. Since then Honore has hosted thousands of visitors including heads of states, other dignitaries and very important visitors of Rwanda.

Honore has participated and contributed in various projects related to the preservation for the memory of the genocide against Tutsi and attended various trainings related to the genocide prevention, and education towards prevention of Genocide, conflicts resolution and peace building in England, USA, Germany and Poland. He has travelled around the world participating in conferences and meeting raising awareness of genocide and dealing with the sad past as a global threat against humanity.

Since 2010, Honore has run the Kigali Genocide Memorial on behalf of the Aegis Trust with responsibilities for the daily operations of the Centre covering visits, maintenance, psychological support and all other administrative tasks.