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Erasme Rwanamiza

Education Advisor


Dr Erasme Rwanamiza is a highly qualified (PhD Education from December 2004), experienced educationist in general (Lecturer from February 2005) and teacher trainer at secondary and higher education levels successively (from September 1982) with a longstanding experience in teaching and education administration (e.g. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rwanda Inspectorate General of Education [IGE] from 2008 to 2011, and Director General of Education Planning in the Rwanda Ministry of Education from end-2009 to end-2013) he garnered from a practice spanning over three decades. His interests for teaching, research and publication as well as consulting have been revolving around Curriculum Theory and Development, The Process of Teaching-and-Learning, Educational Assessment and Evaluation, Quality of Education, Psychopedagogy / Educational Psychology as well as Conflict Studies and Peace Education. He has been particularly involved in the process of revising the former Rwanda school curriculum as early as November 2013 and have substantially contributed to having Peace and Values Education systematically integrated in the Rwanda revised school curriculum’s teaching subjects as well as making the paradigm shift of the learning objectives from the easier and less challenging but less beneficial LOTAs (Lower Order Thinking Aptitudes) and LOFAs (Lower Order Feeling Aptitudes) to the harder and more challenging but more beneficial HOTAs (Higher Order Thinking Aptitudes) and HOFAs (Higher Order Feeling Aptitudes) on the one hand and, on the other hand, the shift of focus from Knowledge in the Rwanda formerly knowledge-based school curriculum to Competencies (actually made up by Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) in the Rwanda currently revised school curriculum made competency-based.