London conference explores Rwandan perspectives on post-conflict reconstruction

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A two-day conference at King’s College London, 30-31 May, is set to explore ‘Rwandan Perspectives on Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Sustainable Peace: Enhancing Research, Influencing Policy’.

Co-hosted by the Aegis Trust, the Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London, and the Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS, the conference brings Rwandan researchers funded through Aegis’ Research Policy and Higher Education Programme (RPHE) to engage with academics and experts in the UK. They will present their research on various issues concerning post-genocide Rwanda, including identity formation, intergenerational shame and trauma, gender and land reform, intra-family conflicts and education as a means of speaking across social divides.

Aegis’ RPHE programme is aimed to support Rwandan researchers in engaging in pluralistic debate and enables discussion of research findings. For more information about the programme see: Genocide Research Hub.

The event is public and free to attend, but registration is necessary to obtain entry. Here is the event registration link:

The research papers that will be presented, and their related policy briefs, are also available on the Research Hub.

Join the Genocide Research Hub’s Network to be informed about similar events and opportunities within the programme.

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