News from Oxford University – April 2007

It’s been another busy and exciting term for Oxford Aegis Society: We kicked it off with the Hands Up For Darfur Day (03/02/07) at the Oxford Union in conjunction with Hands Up For Darfur. The event included a screening of Shooting Dogs, informational stalls for groups working in Sudan (like Kids for Kids, Medecins Sans [...]

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Screen Shooting Dogs in your university

If you have not seen this film, then we recommend it as a must and for those of you out there thinking about starting an Aegis society, this is a perfect event and useful as a localised ‘awareness raising’ campaign. We will endeavour to help you organise publicity material and a speaker for your event. [...]

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Aegis Students adopt the White Rose symbol

14 Oct 2006 - At the Annual Aegis Student Summer Conference the Aegis Students adopted a White Rose logo as a symbol of commonality with the White Rose Movement; a small group of students at Munich University who defied the Nazi regime in the 1940s.   The White Rose Movement was organised at the height [...]

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Aegis Student Summer Conference

17 Aug 06 - The Annual Aegis Student Summer Conference was held in London on 17th August. Opening the conference, Aegis Trust Chief Executive, Dr James Smith, said, ‘We have to create public interest [in preventing genocide] and that is where you can play a really important role. He told the conference, ‘At the end [...]

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