The Aegis Trust will officially hand over new Peace and Values Education Teaching and Learning materials (Teacher Guidebook and Model Lesson Plans book) to the Rwanda Education Board (REB) at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Peace School today.

The materials were developed by the Aegis Trust following an MoU with REB after integration of Peace and Values Education (PVE) as a cross-cutting issue in the newly revised Competence-Based Curriculum, to help educators implement it at schools and in the community.

Aegis has developed three new publications as part of Education for Sustainable Peace in Rwanda (ESPR), in close collaboration with Radio La Benevolencija. These comprise a Teacher Guidebook, a Model Lesson Plans Book and a Reference Book on PVE. The first two are finalised now. The last is set to be finished by September 2019.

“The Teacher Guide Book and the Model Lesson Plans book were written by educators for educators to create a culture of peace within their classrooms and schools. While the journey may have challenges, it is possible to create a school environment – and a community – in which everyone feels safe, valued and respected,” says Dr James Smith, Chief Executive of the Aegis Trust. “To achieve this, we must teach peace. Creating a school-wide culture of peace will not happen overnight. Starting when children enter school at a young age, we need to actively teach peace and model peaceful ways of communicating and living together.”

The Teacher Guide Book and Model Lesson Plans book suggest ways to make every lesson a positive experience and every teacher a teacher of peace. Inclusion of peace values and activities will make the subjects more meaningful and interesting, increasing the quality of teaching and learning.

Since July 2016, Aegis has been implementing the programme Education for Sustainable Peace in Rwanda (ESPR), designed to improve the delivery of peace and values education and support its implementation as part of the new national schools curriculum.

The programme has been made possible by Government of Sweden – Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA); Government of the United Kingdom- Department for International Development (DfID) and the Kingdom of Belgium in Rwanda.

Participants at the hand over event will include central and local government leaders, project donor agencies and local community stakeholders, along with Aegis Trust management and partner representatives. The guest of honour will be Dr Irenee Ndayambaje, the Director General of Rwanda Education Board.

Picture: An Aegis Trust workshop on Peace Education with Teachers from Umubano Primary School. Source: Aegis Trust